Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Steph A., Ovitch and I made a little trio trip downtown to look at some pretty shoes and dresses.

It was there I promptly fell in love with a turquoise Alexander Wang Cutout Dress that looked downtown when it's removable, detached sleeves (held on by a button) stayed on and looked uptown when the sleeves came off (think sheath).

Steph A. tried on the Alexander Wang Shirt Dress with Draped Skirt.

Let me just say wowza to the entire label.

Once again, Team Wang all the way.

I'm Lovin' it: Terry Richardson has his own doll. Pshaw, and I so thought I outgrew them long ago.

I'm Over it: Parking meters. Two dollars and only 48 minutes?! C'mon now.

Music of the Day: Empire of the Sun. Musical goodness from Down Unda.

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