Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday!


I'm sitting at my perch at Waves Coffee and it is NOT nice out.

Remember the last time I took a picture from this spot?

It was gorgeously sunny, and I was quite admiring a vintage bike cruiser sitting just outside my window.

Looks like this Friday night is going to be a bit of an "in" one for me. Just going to hang out with the gals -- maybe with a bottle of white, perhaps a pinot grigio?

Here's a song to take you into the weekend: "Papel Volando" by Kinky.

You might not be able to understand it unless you speak espanol -- Kinky is electro-rock from Mexico -- and the quality of this video is super bad, but it's a great song.

Be sure to click through to hear other tracks.

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

* Photo property of Haute Hippie and is used solely for commentary purposes


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