Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today...

Other than the glorious sunshine, these things made me grin big today:

1. Looking at my stash of tickets to upcoming shows. Simian Mobile Disco this Thursday and then The Twelves on Sunday! (With my girl Fo'Sho Shawna's bday in between)

2. This canvas art, found at a cute boutique where a collective of local designers show off their wares, rotating shop duties amongst themselves.

3. The Numark iDJ2. I've been scouring the internet for reviews on beginner DJ equipment, and this one seems like the golden ticket, for me anyway. It lets you play mix two tracks off one iPod and comes with most of the necessary fixin's, like two jog wheels for scratching, the ability to seamlessly loop, iPod charger and LCD face. It's not the end all, be all of DJ gear, but at around $500 USD, it's a good start for a (very, very) fledgling turntablist.

4. Bat For Lashes' album Two Suns. It seems to be working great as the soundtrack to my Tuesday. Check out her new single "Daniel" below.

5. The Juan MacLean. This American indie-electronica-disco house group -- who has toured with Cut Copy -- was playing at my favorite downtown vintage store the other day. Make sure to have a listen to "Happy House".

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Blogger agata said...

aaaaaaaah! simian mobile disco is wicked! have a great time :)

4:20 AM  

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