Monday, March 23, 2009

Glove Love

There are two types of sartorial styles I prefer (or waffle between): the loosely chic haute bohemian (minus too many hippie prints) and the rock 'n' roll sexpot (this I'd like to do more often).

For the latter, I should probably invest in this very Karl Lagerfeld-like half glove, which doesn't have the price tag of Chanel or Fendi in the least.

I believe it's $65, courtesy of House of Field in New York.

Look at all that studded hardware! It's so Karl-approved.

Makes my heart pitter-patter just a little bit.

I'm Lovin' it: Rene Russo is the face (or is it foot?) of Brian Atwood's fetish-esque ad campaign for his new shoe collection. It's ridiculous that the woman is fifty-five -- she looks no older than thirty-five and has the body of someone my age. Or younger (which ain't saying much these day, I suppose). Anyway, Russo is the product of either some fountain of youth, good family genes, or Dr. 90210. Clearly.

I'm Over it: Pushing the pile back and forth into a pile-pushing vortex of nothingness, as my good buddy G. Davis put it oh-so-well two Sundays ago, in reference to a current situation.

Track of the Day: Here's a big shout out to L'il Wayne, whose track "Comfortable" from his Tha Carter III album I can't seem to stop playing today. It kind of takes me back to the early 2000s, with its beats and 112-like chorus.

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