Monday, December 01, 2008

Don't Have A Kao

Actually, do have a Kao.

Jen Kao -- the Japanese, Kansas-raised, New York-based hipster designer -- has caught the sartorial eyes of, Paper Mag, NYLON, M.I.A. and equally hipster photographer, Ryan McGinley, since launching her namesake line.

Her Spring/Summer '09 is so light and pretty, I'm ready for the holidays to pass right by just to have an excuse to hunt her lace dresses, rompers and one-piece bathing suits down.

When I browse through the look books of extraordinarily talented young designers, it makes me feel sad for the fate of retail sales this season. I mean, if the bigger, bolder brands -- like Jane Mayle's Mayle -- are shutting down or cutting corners, than I can't even imagine the future looks like for (very) promising young'uns like Kao who don't necessarily have a sizable injection of finance from silent investors.

In any case, it doesn't take away from how gorgeous of Kao's draping and tailoring.

That blue printed romper is mine.

I'm Lovin' it: I got the chance to get a mini makeover from Jennifer Ho, a makeup artist from BeneFit Cosmetics. The she finagled me into buying the brand's Dallas Bronzer/Blush and BADgal Mascara in Plum. Both entirely worth it.

I'm Over it: Hmmmm. Wow. So many things to write here today but don't know where to start.

Track of the Day: Didn't know what I'd think Kanye West's new albume 808's & Heartbreak. Actually, I thought I'd be very skeptical and not loving Then I heard "Paranoid" while in Ovtich's car and liked it.

* Photos property of Jen Kao, and are used solely for commentary purposes


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