Tuesday, October 07, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I figured it was time for another edition of Haute Hippie's "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..."

Let's see what caught my eye over the past couple of days, shall we?

1. This dress from Chanel Spring '09. The abstract skirt print, the open-toe lace ups, the ruffled trim of the corset-esque top...I could do without the headpiece, though.

2. If I was dating someone seriously and it was his birthday (or it was Christmas), I'd be getting him this hooded blazer from Ont Front.

3. Anything Lovenia. This dress with ruffled tiers, designed by Lovenia's Heidi Handler, reminds me of the Lanvin wedding gown from Carrie's Vogue shoot scene in the Sex and the City movie. I like the short bolero blazer pairing, too.

4. I was obsessed with a picture The Arab Parrot took of a girl who channeled old school and new school Chanel (check back a few posts in the archives). Japanese label Julius Garden -- which has everything from art to clothes to shoes to accessories -- did mad cool, Lagerfeld-worthy pairs of fingerless gloves.

5. Shoes, shoes, shoes from Australia's Tristan Blair. More specifically, her "Snow Blind" collection for Fall/Winter '09 has me drooling badly.

I'm Lovin' it: Running with Monsieur TC after work tonight on a sunny evening -- getting the boy into a fitness regimen. After yesterday's downpour, I thought we were screwed for today. Maybe I really can make that tan last.

I'm Over it: Rent the flick "88 Minutes" with Al Pacino only if you're into seeing really, really bad movies. DB and I lasted through 38 minutes of it last night before turning it off to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm instead. It was waaaay better.

Track of the Day: We stopped in Zulu Records on Saturday so we could buy our M83 tickets and so DB could pick up the new The Rapture CD, but not before perusing through the listening stations first. Thanks to Zulu's amazing breakdown of artists news albums by genre, I now j'adore electro-pop/shoegaze band Friendly Fires from the UK.

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