Thursday, October 02, 2008


The daughter of Silvia Fendi, Delfina Delletrez, has made the BEST jewelry of this year: A gold skeleton wrist-piece encrusted with teeny-tiny yellow, orange and white sapphires.

It costs, oh, about forty grand.

Her Delirium collection offers up frog rings (I had a silver one in junior high) and fang necklaces (goes perfectly with my obsession with HBO's True Blood), amongst other interesting pieces. Delettrez launched her first collection in Fall '07 to rave reviews from the chic set.

I doubt I'll be seeing any skeleton wrist-piece knockoffs at H&M anytime in the near future. And I'm pretty sure a gold pipe cleaner concoction won't do the trick, either.

Now to come up with $40,000...

I'm Lovin' it: How rad is this old school, late 70s picture of Diane von Furstenberg and her media mogul hubby, Barry Diller? DVF is so, so, so chic.

I'm Over it: The girl I saw today wearing the MMC version of Uggs: Ed Hardy fuzzy boots. I nearly laughed in her face, whoops. Speaking of boots, my beloved grey ones are getting worn away on the bottom front of my right foot, meaning today's rain ended up soaking my sock. Time to visit the neighborhood shoe cobbler.

Track of the Day: DB informed me yesterday night, during drinks with him at Salt, that M83 is rolling into town at the end of this month. Done and done! In honor and anticipation of the show, here's "Teen Angst" by M83.

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