Thursday, March 16, 2006

Matteo Marzotto = My Husband

He's second-in-command at the conglomerate that is Valentino, just a half step behind Valentino Garavani himself.

Matteo Marzotto -- Chief Operating Officer for Valentino S.p.A. -- was not only a key component in the buy-out of the fashion house for $210 million in 2002, under his watchful eye the company has increased in sales by nearly $94 million since then. Super hot, no?

MENSA-intelligent, beyond handsome, impeccable taste, avid race car, driver helicopter owner, sexy accent, and unlimited access to Valentino archives old and new.

Now if I can only find a way to smack his on-and-off flame Naomi Campbell with a cellphone over the edge of his red yacht, he'll be all mine.

With all his credentials, Matteo just might de-throne Tom Ford as the sexiest man in the fashion industry.


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