Thursday, May 27, 2010

And So I Rise.

According to Flare magazine's fashion director Elizabeth Cabral yesterday evening, the scuba trend is a big one this season.

When you think of a traditional scuba suit, you think form-fitting, durable fabrics, piping, stitching and, on occasion, a bright pop of color.

If I decide to lay off the carbs sometime soon, I just might take a dive (har, har) into the trend and move away from those loose silhouettes I'm so fond of. My girl Ovitch does the body-con look like no other, so scuba-ing is definitely her aesthetic bag.

Instead of going full form-fitting, I wouldn't mind taking a risk with this frock from Seneca Rising, which has a breezier top portion and tighter bottom. I appreciate the dress up-dress down option of this particular piece, simply because it just makes it easy to wear with either flat sandals or wedges.

I'd go with the wedge, though, and with these Topshop ones, nonetheless.

Time to take the plunge, right?

I'm Lovin' it: Meeting yoga guru Eoin Finn and his wife Insiya a few weeks ago. Never have I met such a couple so in tune and so blissfully happy! Their good vibes feel like some kind of zen baptism. I like their Hammock Manifesto initiative, too. Basically, they set up hammocks in the middle of urban cities and encourage go, go, go downtown types to take a few minutes to relax and sway for awhile.

I'm Over it: Fall throughs.

Track of the Day: "Voyage" by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Unlike what I'm used to from Gainsbourg. This is so tribal! Energizing.

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