Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giambattista. Balenciaga.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that everything comes in three's, whether good or bad.

In this case, here are six very good things: three Pre-Fall outfits from Giambattista Valli and three from Balenciaga.

Confession: I was a little put off at the beginning (when viewing the Balenciaga collection online) because the silhouettes were unlike anything I had witnessed in recent seasons, but I did love the leather gloves right off the bat.

I'm not sure how most normal gals are going to wear Balenciaga's Pre-Fall pants -- unless you're the height and size of, say, a Kasia Struss or Karlie Kloss -- but they're still quite the sight to behold, regardless.

The Giambattista collection is feminine and sexy, as per usual -- though not in that vampy way that Versace usually has going on -- so I expect to see many starlets in these dresses come the peak of awards and Sundance season.

I'm Lovin' it: A new social columnist gig! It officially starts tonight, when Glowbal opens its doors to their newly renovated space. I'll be taking pictures of the crowd, so smile wide, everyone.

I'm Over it: This downpour is downright depressing. (Now that's what you call alliteration)

Track of the Day: To balance out my climate depression with auditory joy, I'm listening to "Gimme Some (Mike Magini remix)" by Nina Simone.

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