Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My buddy EW did an email introduction between me and a friend of his that was starting a brand called Tieks, which are these amazing foldable flats in great colors and prints.

Think of Lanvin ballet flats, only very portable and much, much cheaper.

Tieks has now officially launched. Behold!

And congrats on the debut, Kfir!

I'm Lovin' it: A girlfriend of mine went to Cancun recently and spotted these utterly hilarious bathroom signs. The only thing is that if you honestly have to whizz and you spot these while running to the bathroom, you might end up peeing yourself laughing.

I'm Over it: The list goes on today. I'll spare you the details, though.

Track of the Day: "Paris (Aeroplane remix)" by Friendly Fires, ft. Aurevoir Simone.

* Photos property of Tieks, Jen Yau and are used solely for commentary purposes


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