Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Friday!

There's a reason Marc Jacobs has a tattoo of SpongeBob SquarePants on his arm: the yellow, goofy and dim-witted ocean-dweller is hilarious.

And Mr. SquarePants has found himself another designer admirer lately, someone by the very important name of Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld customized a SpongeBob figurine in his own iconic image for a WWF auction in Paris recently, which ended up getting sold for $1,500.

But, what, no Patrick?!

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: My girl Candy S. wore her grey Maison Martin Margiela tape sweatshirt yesterday night. SO AWESOME.

I'm Over it: Only 21 days till Christmas. What the heck.

Track of the Day: "Norway" by Beach House. This is a little more chillwave than most of the tracks on their last self-titled debut album.

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