Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alice Kim.

I met Alice Kim at a random karaoke party my girl Seema D. threw at her loft in the Summer of '08.

Alice -- who happens to be the most stylish anesthesiologist the med world will ever see -- was wearing a silver satin headscarf, a nude pink feminine baby doll dress, tough black boots, black blazer (before black blazers became the new it-jacket), bleach blonde locks (before the late and beautiful Daul Kim was rocking hers) and just had this amazingly cool demeanor about her.

Recently I've started seeing her name pop up on random fashion blogs and other things media.

And then today I spotted her in NY Mag's Video Look Book, talking about her signature hard-soft look!

Woo hoo, go Alice!!

That's not me rocking the sideways peace sign. No, really it's not...

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