Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoroughly Amusing.

It was years before I saw myself wearing a t-shirt without it:

a) being a lazy day lounging around the house


b) being sports or work out-related

But recently I've been embracing the casual sexiness of a perfect tee paired with the perfect jeans.

And throwing on a blazer over it, piling on the mad accessories and slipping on high heels is a Kate Lanphear-esque move that's often imitated but never duplicated, but you really can't blame a girl for trying to be La Lanphear.

Last Saturday, I had the chance to chit-chat with Nicole Castrogiovanni, Director of Sales for Modern Amusement, and Adam Lupton, winner of the brand's recent t-shirt design contest.

Nicole took me through the influences of both Fall '09 (namely travels to Montauk, Copenhagen and Tokyo) and Spring 2010 (a throwback to M.A.'s beginnings with pattern, print and color), as well as through new pieces from the burgeoning women's collection (the silk dresses and androgynous cardigans are must-haves).

I then turned my questions to Adam, who looks every bit the Modern Amusement man. The 22-year-old communication design student blended his love for music (Bob Dylan, K-OS and Jack White are three big muses), hand-written font and Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now into the winning tee (a week-long trip to the Modern Amusement headquarters in SoCal was also part of the prize).

So Modern Amusement will hopefully continue to make the fantastic, need-to-have cardigans and tees it does so well, for all our sartorial sakes.

And as for Adam?

He hopes to be on the back of a restored vintage WWII bike, cruising North and South America, toward a design future that seems very, very bright.

I'm Lovin' it: My girlfriend Saritz is in town for a visit, whoop!

I'm Over it: My tendency to over-pronate when I walk has caused most of my beloved heels and boots to be worn down right to their metal and wood nubs. Dang it, the shoe cobbler's gonna make a lot of money when I visit next.

Track of the Day: "Untitled Love" by Still Going. Funky, electro, jazzy house track from this New York, New York group. They also do a rather good remix of the Doves' "Kingdom of Rust".

* Photos property of Holt Renfrew, Modern Amusement and are used solely for commentary purposes


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