Friday, October 16, 2009

John Galliano Spring 2010.

If I was faced with a sartorial fork in the road, in which one road led to rock-chic and the other led to romance and ruffles, I would choose rock and roll. No doubt.

But John Galliano -- oh, John Galliano! -- does the romantic look so breathtakingly well, he alone can get me out of skinny jeans, skinny heels and black eyeliner (the latter only on nights out, though).

His collection for Spring 2010 was influenced by silent movie stars and their inevitable fadeaway, as sound and Technicolor on film began to take the forefront in Hollywood.

The models' lips, painted in a dark downturn, appeared to be a melancholic sign of that time -- and it proved to be an interesting contrast to Galliano's choice of blues, yellows, pinks and silvers (perhaps a color nod to the silver screen).

Its entire effect was sadly beautiful, the sadness coming from sympathy at the plight of a soon-to-be washed up, irrelevant movie star and the beauty coming from the silent grace from which she fell.

Rock-chic elicits so much simpler fashion emotions, no?

I'm Lovin' it: A sk8tergirl I am not, but I do have a quite a few pals in the scene, enough to make me understand that lifestyle's appeal. These skateboards with Ali Stephens, Coco Rocha and Hannah Holman somehow bridge my fashion obsession and my small tie to the board life.

I'm Over it: A broken garage door kind of peeved me when I was trying to get into my underground parkade this morning.

Track of the Day: The Jigga-man (aka. Jay-Z) is coming into town tonight for a show. I'm so very unfortunately not going, but his Blueprint 3 album is SICK. I'm digging "A Star Is Born". Jigga what, Jigga who?!

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Anonymous Gabriela said...

Hello from Toronto,

I love Vancouver and can't wait to go back! What a wonderful place.

I got to your blog through You have very interesting and creative posts.

~ Gabriela ~

3:50 PM  
Blogger agata said...

hey mee-moo, i really enjoyed this article, especially your description of the galliano show, your writing is quite amazing and full of imagery as of late....well done!
the a-gg.

10:39 AM  

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