Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prance and Preen.

I'm an '80s kid, a fact that reveals why I have such an immense liking for big shoulders and any sort of jacket with that comes with them (Balmain also probably had to do with this).

Janel Molton's amazing vintage and used clothing site RelicNY -- her amazing sartorial sources will never be revealed -- is home to a Preen wool jacket with structured sleeves and front neck tie that is just begging for me to click and buy it.

I'm imagining this with so many things, but I mulling over the idea of a body-con dress and booties for a night out. Or skinny jeans, slim neutral-colored tank and high, high heels.

I like to see and be Preen.

I'm Lovin' it: Congrats to my girl Aggs, who just got engaged!! Much love, dearest Squirrel. Also, going to see the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It with the fella tonight. According to those who have seen it, the film is amazing.

I'm Over it: When I'm working in my home office, this weird lady in the building across the street pops out several times a day to hang over the edge of her balcony and stare blankly at things. Today, she came out with a huge, white cockatoo on her arm. So odd.

Track of the Day: "It Makes No Difference" by The Band. Followed by a pretty great "It Makes No Difference" cover by My Morning Jacket. Great soulful, rock jam for a grey Wednesday.

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