Thursday, September 03, 2009


Victoria Beckham impressed the fashion world with her dress collection, one that has a faint feel of her good friend Roland Mouret (who has allegedly helped her out since the beginning).

Equally impressive is the new video promoting her Fall '09 collection, directed by Matt Jerrett and very appropriately called "Swings".

Eight models clad in the line move together on rope swings, a peaceful scene ending with a back view cameo of Beckham a la fin.

Word is that this was filmed all in one take.

Swing, baby, swing.

I'm Lovin' it: I was completely enamored with DNA11's fingerprint and DNA art when it first came out. So you can imagine me salivating at the mouth upon sight of these fingerprint wedding bands by Brent and Jessica Williams. They're very affordable, too, in case that platinum ring ain't happening.

I'm Over it: Disappearing acts.

Music of the Day: Thunderheist. This techno, hip hop, electro mish-mash Montreal duo (made up of Isis and GrahmZilla) made musical headlines when their track "Jerk It" made it onto The Wrestler. Dirty dance party tunes, for sure.

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