Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jonze Jewelry.

You all better be excited for this:

And if you are indeed excited, then get amped for this, too:

Where The Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze has collaborated with Opening Ceremony on collections inspired by the film. One is a faux fur line with OC's co-founder Humberto Leon (who happens to be a friend of the director), while the other is a jewelry collection with Pamela Love.

Jonze is also teaming up with Urban Outfitters, Lakai shoes and with his own skateboard company, Girl Skateboards.

Here's hoping the film matches the product hype.

I'm Lovin' it: This Terry Richardson shot of Sean Lennon and his model girlfriend recreating that iconic image of the latter's father and mother (that's John and Yoko to you) is an interesting nod to Lennon's parents.

I'm Over it: September came, and summer went.

Music of the Day: I love when a movie has a soundtrack that makes you remember every scene and every quotable quote from a film (ie. John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing to Chuck Berry's "You Can Never Tell" in Pulp Fiction). Last week, I discovered two soundtrack: Boogie Nights while with Brent and 500 Days of Summer while with Berry.

On that note, thanks to 500 Days of Summer for reintroducing me to The Smiths.

* Photos property of Opening Ceremony, Terry Richardson, Warner Bros. and are used solely for commentary purposes


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