Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So New York is in the midst of the biggest seven days that the city has twice yearly: New York Fashion Week.

I have a few pals that are currently dallying around Bryant Park tents, Milk Studios and Brooklyn this weekend, like stylist Leila Bani, designer Christina Culver of Christina Darling and Scott Walhovd (a former Dolce & Gabbana model) and Anthony Castro (a top-of-the-class Parsons grad), the fellas behind super cute clothing label 212 (currently a huge, huge HUGE favorite in the offices of Lucky Magazine...yay boys!).

I've been wishing on a lucky star that I would magically wake up one morning and be in the master bedroom of a downtown Manhattan apartment, but so far, I keep waking up in the master bedroom of my downtown apartment here. Sigh. And double sigh, just because.

Thus, as usual, I'm relegated to scouring the 'net for pics, flicks and slideshows of runway presentations as they happen or after they happen.

Stay tuned for a collage of my favorite NYFW images.

But for now, let's stare at this very covetable Victoria Beckham Collection dress.

I'm Lovin' it: Check out this art sculpture.

I'm Over it: In this digital age, why should I feel compelled to buy an overpriced tea or coffee just to use FREE Wi-Fi?! An iced chai tea latte should not cost me $4.19. It's just ice, tea and milk! And Internet should be wireless and free wherever you go -- it's 2010 soon, after all.

Oh, and to the mean person that tried to compromise my debit card and forced the bank to lock my account, thanks a lot for making me waste a nearly two hours this morning first wondering what the heck happened, then running around to get a new card when I specifically got up early this morning to get a ton of work done. Shame on you. Karma's a...well, you know.

I'm done now.

Track of the Day: "Take & Send" by Char2D2. What a pretty little song from this singer/songwriter. Thanks to my V.I.A. editor Bob K for bringing his Sound Advice 15 and this track to me!

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